And Why Anthony Bordain was the polar opposite of Instagram traveler cliches.

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For a few months last year, I lived in Colombia after college as a digital nomad videographer.

Scrolling Instagram for companies to pitch videos for, I inevitably ran into travel vlogger influencers like this guy:

“I was like, just so stuck with my life… so I just leeftttt and travellleddd because life is about living fully and not following the joneses and chasing material thingssss…. adversity is the stuff that makes you stronger…. So be strong, take those risks and just growww and quit your 9–5 to travel.”

I can’t be the only one rolling my eyes, can I?

Now don’t get me wrong. The reason why I dislike influencer-style travel accounts is not that they hawk bad advice. In fact, taken on its own in isolation, the advice is sometimes solid. …


Luke Jacobs

Independent Journalist & Videographer

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