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  • Jeremy Amos

    Jeremy Amos

    Tinkerer, thinker, creator and doer. Everyday is a blessing & an adventure - shut up and get to work.

  • Ty Leisher

    Ty Leisher

    Not a serial killer despite my search history. Screenwriter & Filmmaker | Sundance Semi-Finalist | Buy Me A Coffee

  • Nadia Asencio

    Nadia Asencio

    Author of POLITIQUETTE: The People’s Guide to Political Discourse in the New Millennium. Available on Amazon.com.

  • James Barrett

    James Barrett

    Freelance scholar. Humanist. Interested in language, culture, music, technology, design & philosophy. I like Literature & Critical Theory. Traveler. I am mine.

  • Benjamin Lampel

    Benjamin Lampel

    not updated with frequency

  • Oliver Astrologo

    Oliver Astrologo

    Traveler and Photographer. Combining creative director skills, started a video making project focused on revealing locations and stories about people.

  • Cristofer Maximilian

    Cristofer Maximilian

    Photographer and Educator living in the Pacific Northwest | Contributor at The Startup, Art+Marketing, and more | www.cristofer.co

  • P.K. Slater

    P.K. Slater

    Semi-intelligent primate stumbling through the human jungle. Once a media scholar — now I mostly read and play outside.

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