I'm sorry, but this is a massively wrong way to view the world that will only bite you in the ass long term. Don't mean to hurt anyone or take away any one's happiness they have gained recently by articles like this, but because I more or less believed exactly what you laid out here at one point in my life, it drove me into a crazy rabbit hole of hating the western world and modernity and anything 'privileged'... so I wanna lay out a case against it.to

I'm here to say you it's possible to be happy AND work a normal job in the United States. Crazy right?

Your feeling better now in part because you think you have found out that it wasn't YOU who was fucked up, it was THE WHOLE WORLD, and once you realize that, well, you ostensibly find contentedness through your realizing that all your mental health problems were just society's fault. (newsflash: A lot of them come from the way our rapid-fire minds try to interpret the world and life- this it's tough love but it's true, religions and philosophy have noticed this for millennia).

America, this evil exploitative country, has been the beacon of hope for tens of millions of immigrants seeking to escape poverty and the 3rd world nations you "fled" to after burning out. You admit that that's a "privileged" position to pack up your things and live in South East Asia where your American money lets you live like a god compared to the locals. You're underestimating just how whacky that comes off to truly impoverished people... they come to America specifically to GAIN privileged and live in a safe, free, relatively tolerant capitalist democracy.

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Independent Journalist & Videographer

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