Inside America’s Secret Chernobyl — The Abandonded Cold War Compound Outside Suburban LA

Apollo Saturn V F1 Engine Stand, Luke Jacobs (2015)
Credit: Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition
  • The Engine for Explorer 1, America’s first satellite.
  • The F-1 engine that powered the Apollo booster.

It’s Rocketdyne.

Residents had tremendous pride for the facility. To them, it represented a greater purpose that most Americans only connected with by way of television reports and radio broadcasts. Locals businesses fed Rocketdyne workers, washed their clothes, repaired their cars, and built their homes. They were helping their country with its most important goals: defeating the Soviets and sending men to the moon.

Luke Jacobs, 2015
This Would Make a Big, Big Boom
Coca Site Test Stand
Chernobyl Era gas masks? Totally necessary…

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