With all due respect, I think you need to re-evaluate what “the political center” you advocate for means, and how that relates to Peterson’s patently right-wing framing of nearly every issue.

Just take the David Rubin intro. That dude has made a career convincing apolitical people that the left (as a monolith) has lost their minds and become anti-rational crybabies.

If you take a cursory look at leftist media today, you would see that much of it is rational, nuanced, and anti-shut down culture.

And yet, Peterson/Rubin’s MAIN idea they sell to people is that if they think like that, they cannot be “leftists” and therefore are “centrists” or “classical liberals”.

And what happens next? They drift towards the trojan horse of right wing content creators who also call themselves centrists/enlightened liberals who on paper don’t support ANY center-left ideas and are really just economic and cultural right-wingers.

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Independent Journalist & Videographer

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